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Por Emmy & Pauline Dala Senta

My great experience in my first Artist’s Alley, and first AnimeXtreme not really that great

On the weekend of 7 and 8 of October (2 weeks ago or so), I attended the first Artist’s Alley of my life. I’ll tell here why I’ve found the experience so great, and at the same time, not really.

I had already participated in Anime / Nerd events here in my town (Bento Gonçalves), which is an interior and people are still slightly closed to these things (that’s what I thought). But since the public response to my work here was so positive, I figured in a major event it would be even betterYou know nothing, Jon Snow.

I’ll start talking about what was good there at the event. And why, despite my final criticism, I loved taking part in! And venture to say that I intend to go again. But I’ll leave the conclusions to the end.

Great # 1: There are amazing artists very close to me

Yes! I met many amazing talented artists with great ideas and initiatives, which are right here in south Brazil and I had never seen anything about them. So, regardless of any results, I met new art buds, most experienced people in the artistic life who shared with me many tips.

The first of them was Camila Raposa, at the booth right next to ours – yes, ours:of course took my squire, Pauline (best sister) to help me in this. Camila is wonderful at watercolors, and almost a human printer of characters. She produces so many and such beautiful pieces in so little of time that I found extremely positive talking to her about it. She’s also a drawing teacher.

Another artist who I met whose artwork enchanted me greatly is Nanda Passos. I already saved references to a future inspirations post. This post on Instagram by Thiago Krening about the event (below) is a great summary of the coolest things of that Artist’s Alley.

At the end of Sunday, it was my favorite part of the whole experience, when we traded art prints with each other. This contributed very positively to my magnetic wall. Now it is looking wonderful:

Now Blank and Gabi’s Jupiter have company. Arts by Carol, Nanda, Thiago, Camila, Capivarinha, Bruna and Jakie. Isn’t it beautiful? ♥ _ ♥

Great # 2: Many new people got to know my work

This undoubtedly was one of the best things and I can say the objective has been accomplished. This contact with new people has earned me great partnerships and a very positive result after the event – I was so happy with who marked me on stories with prints! ♥

I was also very happy for Blank Infinity have pleased many people. This, of course, brought me many new project ideas with her. As for the public that effectively stopped at my booth and was interested by my artwork, it was actually fulfilling for me.

Great # 3: These cosplays

Images are self-explanatory, so I’d like to just record here my happiness by finding people who like Sailor Moon as much as I ♥ The cosplayers are Liadan Soul (Super Sailor Moon) Dryade (Venus) and Slyth Salaz (Pluto).

I didn’t want these Sailors to leave my booth at all XD and I gave a gift to each one.
Look at my happiness, I felt like embracing the true Usagi (although for me she will always be Serena).

But what was so bad after all?

I think I can sum up in one word: YouTubers.

Yes, and I’ll explain.

It is undeniable that today Youtubers are the “new celebrities” and that they gather crowds. I myself really like to follow numerous issues channels – from supernatural news to beauty tips, passing, of course, by many channels of artists I like. So what could go wrong in inviting only Youtubers with more than 5 million subscribers each?

The answer is: CONTEXT. In an event that is defined as the greatest GEEK event in southern Brazil, with the name of ANIMEXTREME, we want to see what? Geekness and Japanese culture, perhaps? Everything related to anime and series, maybe? Voice actors and writers, yes or of course? Yeah.

I have identified only two voice actors in the “line up” of the event, and they were still scheduled for a time that basically there were only exhibitors and themselves at the place (13h). Most guests I saw listed on the schedule were Youtubers of which I had never heard of – for an obvious reason. In a quick search on each of them, I saw that some of them were at least on the subject, as Haru and Satty. Then, we enter the final balance of official photographs, and what do we have?

One of the most “busy” YouTuber for the photos was Cocielo, who I will not link here for obvious reasons. I even thought about adding a picture, but I refuse to post this type of content in this blog. A quick Google will explain my reluctance.

The more related to the event’s theme was the guest’s content, fewer people wanted to shoot with.On the other hand the channels that did NOT have absolutely nothing to do with geek culture were responsible for most of the public.

And where do I want to get to?

I did not sell anything (._. ‘) I mean, I sold a few things. But the response I expected was that at least more people would be interested in the Sailors project than they were here at NerdLand. But that’s not what happened. In only one day of NerdLand I sold more than during one day of AnimeXtreme! And it was much less than half of the public.

However, the question is, and now I speak directly with the producers of this and any other nerd culture event out there: if the goal is just a lot of people, ticket sales and only this, the event should be renamed to YoutubersXtreme or PopXtreme and focus on that. OR, if there’s an actual intention of maintaining traditional features of the event, such as cosplays, geek stores and Artits’s Alley, you have get back to focus immediately.

After all, if there were actually 20,000 people there and 15,000 of them went there just to see those craps of YouTube BR, is it fair to use that number as estimated public when selling to artists spaces at Artist’s Alley? How many of these teenagers, who were there only by their idols of futility, were really interested in art or geek culture? Continuing along this path, the outcome in the medium to long term is only one: the event will lose the spirit to turn an event about anything else, just like Rock in Rio (3 rock bands and 200 of anything else). And it will not be interesting for artists to show their work in an Artist’s Alley which is ignored for nearly half of the audience.

Here is my reflection.

I hope I did not sound too annoyed, because I am very happy to have participated ^ _ ^ I even consider participating again, if my income $ allows me — as we we’ll have no profit (/ laughs).

So what did you think? Also attended the event, feel free to leave your impressions in the comments: D About the event, the Artist’s Alley or on this text ^ _ ^! See ya,

Emmy Dala Senta

Ilustradora ✨ que deveria estar vivendo na Terra Média 🦉

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3 anos atrás

Emmy, praticamente todos os eventos estão com esse problema de contexto, porque ao meu ver o contexto é consumo, não importa de que forma e como. Acredito que está relacionado a essa Modernidade Liquida e valorização da racionalidade em detrimento à tudo que é ligado a artes, lúdico e imaginário, como dizia Bauman, rs. Lamento que não tenha vendido nada, pois seus trabalhos são maravilhosos. Eu acompanho vc há tempos, mas nunca publiquei nada. Não achei conveniente fazer. Eu sempre quis fazer artes e desenhar e nunca permitiram isso. Vejo no seu trabalho um sonho que nunca concretizei, mas que… Read more »

3 anos atrás

Emmy fico feliz pela parte boa da tua experiência no evento e concordo com essa questão dos Youtubers. Infelizmente, os produtores querem encher a burra de dinheiro, então chamam esses caras que, por alguma razão inexplicável, arrastam uma multidão por onde vão. O canal desse Muca é uma nojeira, e ele participa muito de eventos geek. E me irrita que os artistas fiquem em segundo plano, vendam pouco e não tiram o investimento para estar ali. Mas é uma experiência boa para te preparar para os próximos, até ter uma estratégia diferente para cada evento.

Gabriela Xavier
Gabriela Xavier
3 anos atrás

nossa eu nem piso mais nesses inicio dos anos 2000 ainda prestava mas hj em dia é só pra ver esses youtubers adolescentes falarem bosta e serem estrelas do próprio reality show da vida baranga deles.passo bem longe.mete o pau mesmo KKK

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