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My art through the years

In the last months of 2017 I finally got the closest to the result that I have always imagined for my drawings. Finally, I’m able to finish things that are really as I would like them to be. Ideas, composition, color, drawing and painting. I am well aware that this is not the end of my studies in drawing — since it is impossible to stop studying something that I’ll always wish to improve — but it is the beginning of a stage which I’ve dreamt my whole life to achieve: my own artistic style.

Note: It's been ages since this blog is multilanguage ready and I've never written any blog post in English... so far. Yes! This year I'm dedicating a lot more to my blog and my art, and I'll try to update everything in both languages from now on. If I can't manage to translate everything, at least I'll translate for you guys all relevant content. And this one I consider super relevant for you to read (only because I consider this an inspiring post!).

Yes, the so desired own art style. Now that I actually know what I’m doing, I don’t feel that crazy fear of blank paper, or panic for not being able to draw what I’m imagining, or worse, to have the perfect reference and to not be able to use it (this is horrible, for those who have been, there they know it perfectly), I can finally work towards the style of my art. But this post is not about that.

I want to share in this, my first post of the year, my progress in drawing and painting. Many people admire things I do and sometimes (unfortunately it happens often) feel bad seeing works that they consider very good (mine or other artist’s). They usually summarize the situation with sentences like “I’ll never get there.” My purpose in showing what follows is that there is no magic gift, there is no praying, astrological chart, shooting star wishes. The right words are dedication, hard work, persistence — I think the latter fits perfectly. Persistence.

Portrait made in 2010 from a photo; and illustration in progress at the end of 2017, for which I used only lighting reference. I used graphite and colored pencils on both.

The artists who are better or more experienced or more creative than we are should be source of inspiration, not frustration! Everyone drew badly at one point and by persisting we can improve noticeably. This post will prove it! LET’S GO!

When I thought I already knew drawing (2010)

Portrait I did for a college work in 2010, using photographic reference.

This drawing I made in the second year of college. We should make sketches of human figure or something, so I chose to draw Alissa White-Gluz. All graphite 2b, 6b, some other darker thing and colored pencil in some parts.

So I decided I SHOULD know how to draw, once and for all (2013)

Some of my sketches of human figures for my project One Sketch a Day. Sometimes I could draw well from reference, but sometimes clearly not. I used to lose patience and feel very frustrated about it

It was my last year of college and I had some free time since I had left my job. I decided I would draw something once a day, every day, and perhaps I would learn to draw better and faster. I still had a lot of trouble with human figures and could not always replicate the reference images. This project was inspiring at first, but in the end it turned into a complete frustration. I quit before the end of the year.

I went back to drawing classes (2014 to 2016)

I was still quite frustrated with my slow or nonexistent progress in drawing. The college was over, and now I had time to devote my evenings to new drawing classes. Then a friend told me about a beginner course at a place named Micael Biasin Art School. I really thought I knew all the principles of a good drawing, but I thought if I took classes from the most basic level would not hurt anyone. And that’s what I did.

At the end of 2014 I could replicate perfectly, without suffering, this Emilie here, and that’s what motivated me to continue drawing:

Portrait I finished in December 2014, after the sketch classes (photo: Viona Ielegems). For me this was the proof of my progress.

After that I started working with new references by always trying to modify or create something on top of those images to study. My favorites of 2015 and 2016 are the first 3 “bird woman” (this series never received a decent name). I also made an illustration that would be the first of my series of signs. In my first review of watercolor papers I explain why I took so long to continue this series. In the meantime, my way of drawing and painting also evolved and I reshaped what I intended for this series. This Pisces image will also be redone later.

Illustrations that I made using several references for the same art, something that until 2015 was extremely difficult for me.

AGORA VAI (untranslatable old BR expression) (2017 and 2018)

In 2017, I made seven pieces of Sailor Moon characters, for Project Sailor Drops with Gabi Xavier. From the first to the last Sailor I drew I think I had a noticeable improvement. Although my favorite art so far is without any comparison, the Aries painting.

Part of my Aries painting, the fist male character I’ve created in realistic style.

I am positive that now in 2018, I will be able to solve small things which I still have difficulties with, such as certain positions of faces and hands. I want to conquer my fear of adding contrast in the paintings and maybe learn a new painting technique! But for this post here is the final summary of my evolution:

Summary of the decade. I hope in 2019 to be able to add to the end of this “timeline” something absolutely amazing! I am glad with the pace of my progress and I hope to improve more during this year (2018) and the next.

I hope that this post has inspired new artists in the art of persistence when learning to draw. I hope my next post on this topic is “how I learned human figure so incredibly well that I can draw any hand pose without reference” (!). Feel free to ask and comment about any stage from these years of learning :D

Ilustradora ✨ que deveria estar vivendo na Terra Média 🦉

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